Saturday, 26 August 2017

Review - Lil Miss Vintage Dolly Dress

Beautiful blue polka dot dress by Yorkshire based Vintage Repro brand

This beautiful dress arrived for me to review - I didn't know what dress Lil Miss Vintage were planning to send me (to be honest, I'd have been happy with any of their beautiful dresses) and I was very pleasantly surprised to open the package and find 'Dolly'.

This stunning blue dress with white polka dots has a full swing skirt, crossover bust with thick white collar and white button detail and a separate matching belt. 

The quality is impressive, it's cotton and very comfortable to wear. 

The skirt is gorgeous - very full. I wore mine without a petticoat but it would also look great with one for added 'puff'!

Lil Miss Vintage was started in Yorkshire by two friends who share a love of vintage and vintage inspired clothing. They pride themselves on hassle free shopping and good customer service. They have a lovely range of dresses, skirts and accessories from rockabilly to classic. 
UK postage is free and they deliver worldwide. 

One very endearing factor is that Lil Miss Vintage don't use models to show off their clothes. They use girls of various sizes because in their words "We want to give you an honest and realistic view of what the dress looks like on everyone, so you buy with confidence every time." Lil Miss Vintage stock UK sizes 8-24 in most of their styles.

I would totally recommend this company - I mean, just look at this dress! 

The Dolly retails at £32.00 and can be found here:

There are so many beautiful dresses and skirts to choose from, but apart from the Dolly (which, did I mention I adore?!!!) my top five favourites are:

Go and check out their website if you like pretty and well made vintage style clothes - you won't be disappointed. 

Instagram: lil_miss_vintage

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxxx

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Review - Question Everything London

Fun, classic, funky and ethical kids clothes

I couldn't wait to tear open the packaging and get these clothes onto my kids when they arrived from independent London based children's label Question Everything.

Angie Adams started Question Everything in 2010, drawing inspiration from her experiences of different cultures and lifestyles and her love of interesting and fun colours, shapes and fabrics. 

In my package was the Viola dress in size 1-2 years which was a perfect fit for my 20 month old daughter. Already quite into fashion, my girl loves the dress and instantly demanded to wear it! 

Question Everything believes in supporting local communties. The smocking on the dress was traditionally hand sewn by ladies of the Batangas village community in Manila and a percentage of the sale of each item of clothing is donated to Childhope Asia in the Phillippines (a care and education programme for street children). 

The detail really is amazing, and knowing that it has been hand sewn with such care makes the dress even more special. 
The buttons are my daughter's favourites. Down the back are rainbow-striped buttons and there is a star-shaped button on the chest "To stand out in a crowd."

The pattern is bold, modern and ever so pretty - red and aqua hearts and black arrows. There is a very cute Peter Pan collar and a tie at the waist, which I pulled into a bow at the back. It's 100% cotton, lined and very light and comfortable. My girl (like most toddlers!) is very active and this dress allowed her to run happily with wild abandon whilst looking very stylish!

I would recommend these dresses without a doubt - they really are beautiful with such gorgeous detail.
The Viola dress retails at £38.99 although at the moment it's on sale - be quick!

The second item in my package was the extrememly cool Jake shirt. 

The size 4-5 years was a good fit on my almost 4 year old son. The length is longer than the shirts he usually wears and I like this - it means he can wear it tucked in or untucked and it's loose and comfortable enough to not restrict his play (climbing. Jumping...) 

My son was very happy with the print - tiny little skull and crossbones in yellow against the black cotton of the shirt. The white translucent buttons on this shirt are pretty special too and they look great, all down the front and on the pockets. 
Again, because it's 100% cotton it was cool enough to wear even on a relatively sunny day. 

This is another garment I'd definitely recommend or buy again, it's just such a cool funky shirt and it looks fantastic!

The Jake shirt usually retails at £25.99 but in the sale it's only £13.99 (what are you waiting for?!!)

I absolutely love this brand and it's easy to see why Question Everything was shortlisted in the Prima Baby & Pregnancy Awards 2015 and scooped up the bronze award in 2016. 

If your child is already showing signs of being a little hipster, this is the brand for them. And if you're not sure how to style your QE garment, don't worry - there are tips on how to wear the clothes & what to team them with on the website too.

Now - did I mention that the Summer sale is on? Go! Go! Go!

Instagram: @questioneverythingkids 

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxxx

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Review - Rockaflower

Floral hair pieces, fascinators and accessories

I was delighted when a package arrived from Rockaflower for me to review - look at these beautiful flowers and accessories!

My package of beautiful accessories from Rockaflower

One of the reasons that I love supporting small businesses is that I like hearing the stories of the people who create them. Why did they start? Where did the idea came from? What motivates them? Knowing WHO made them makes wearing anything handmade much more personal, especially when it's obvious that a lot of thought, time and love went into making every piece. 

Lesley Hughes started making floral hair pieces and fascinators as a creative outlet and to allow her some calm time while suffering from severe postnatal depression. Lesley talks openly about having PND and as it is a subject close to my own heart, I absolutely admire her openness and honesty, it's like a breath of fresh air. 

What started as a hobby recently turned into a business and Rockaflower will soon have its own Etsy shop. Lesley's stunning accessories are stocked at Vintage Victory Rollers salon in Swindon. Lesley will also be bringing her creations to Wed Fest in Bath next month as well as various other festivals and events - check out Rockaflower's Facebook page for up-to-date info.

So - onto the accessories. They were all individually packaged in little bags, filled with colourful stars!

First, I took this pretty little mermaid for a test drive! This sparkling, shimmering beauty is just perfect. She's very glittery, a great size and beautifully made. The mermaid brooch retails at £5 which is a ridiculously cheap price for something so pretty! I really love this brooch!

Mermaid Brooch

Next up are the cutest, sweetest little rose earrings. They're a lovely peach colour with lots of glitter. The little petals are so intricate, these really are lovely little delicate earrings. They're very comfortable to wear and are priced at only £3! 

Glittery rose earrings

Wearing the fascinator and earrings - feeling like Spring!

This fascinator is absolutely perfect for Spring. It has one of my favourite flowers on - a big yellow daffodil. There are actually eleven flowers on this fascinator, the detail is incredible! Although it's big, it's comfortable to wear and stays in place with just one alligator clip. It will be in my hair A LOT during Spring and Summer. It's the perfect piece for weddings, although if you have a wedding coming up and fancy something different, Lesley makes bespoke pieces - "Small or large, subtle or loud, contact me to bring your ideas to life!"  This one retails at £7, prices vary between £4 - £25 depending on size, combinations, etc.

Lots of detail, sooo many flowers!

Lastly we have this stunning orchid hair piece with a pearl at the centre. This is so light and easy to wear. This orchid looks very delicate but it's so well made and can withstand even the windy Edinburgh weather! This beauty costs only £4 - an absolute steal!

Orchid hair clip with pearl in the centre

Until the Rockaflower Etsy shop opens, you can contact Lesley on her Facebook page (link above) and also follow her on Instagram

I am a huge fan of Rockaflower and will definately order a bespoke fascinator or two and maybe more flower earrings. And a mermaid in another colour. And did I see cupcake brooches...????

And as someone who is openly and honestly sharing the story of her struggle with postnatal depression, raising awareness and fighting back against the stigma that surrounds mental health issues - I'm a pretty big fan of Lesley's too. 

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxx

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Review: Crafta La Vista Colouring In T-Shirt

Creative, inspiring and Fun! 

I really really like Crafta La Vista. This company stands out to me amidst the sea of pastel hues and uninspired slogans that seem to dominate a lot of children's wear. 

I'm always looking out for interesting designs and unique clothing for my children and of course, I'm on my quest to steer clear of the High Street and buy from small businesses. So when I met Nicole, the creator of Crafta La Vista at an event last month, I was excited to see her range of kids clothing and knew instantly that I'd found something special. 

Nursery Rhyme T-shirt & Movement with Music card

After having a baby in 2015, Nicole was inspired to start Crafta La Vista and make children's clothing that was "more creative, more inspiring and just more FUN!" She's incredibly passionate about her designs, pouring lots of love into every one - each t-shirt and baby grow has been made with a vision of how whole families can enjoy the clothing, from customising baby grows together, to using baby massage techniques while reciting the nursery rhymes on the t-shirts.

There are three separate collections - Nursery Rhyme T-shirts, Colouring in Baby Grows and Colouring in T-shirts.
The designs are bold, mostly monochrome and all screen printed by Nicole onto 100% cotton t-shirts.

The Nursery Rhyme t-shirts are adorable. There are currently four to choose from - and not your basic nursery rhymes! I think my favourite from this collection is Sleeping Bunnies as that is a popular song in this house! "We have so many nursery rhymes that have originated from the UK (especially Scotland) which children adore singing." Nicole says. 

Wee Willie Winkie Nursery Rhyme T-shirt

Each Nursery Rhyme t-shirt comes with a guide of movements that Nicole devised with her daughter - simple massage-style techniques for each rhyme in the range. 
Click here for the fabulous Nursery Rhyme collection:

The Colour In Baby Grows are such a great idea. "I wanted to design a piece of clothing that would make an older sibling excited for the new baby coming and would fill them with a sense of pride when they see their little brother or sister wearing it." Says Nicole. "This then developed into an idea that anyone in the family could colour in these items."
The Colour In Baby Grows come in either a jigsaw heart design (this would be perfect for a baby shower - each guest colouring in a piece of the heart) or a 'fill in the blanks' design to customise with your own words and colours. 

Colour In Baby Grow

Now, onto the product that my little boy and I got to test drive! The Superhero Colour In T-shirt!

Cute packaging

Ooh exciting! Can't wait to customise this little super hero!

It arrived in a cute little box, perfectly letter-box sized (so no annoying trips to the depot!) with six chunky fabric pens and a card with clear, easy-to-read instructiuons.
"I wanted to make a fun range for older children as well as babies." Says Nicole.
We certainly had fun - as you can see! 

My son is three and a half and very into arts and crafts at the moment, so this project was right up his street. 
The bold design was very appealing as there was nothing 'fiddly' or difficult to colour and he chatted about the superhero's hands ("They're not mittens, Mummy! Superheroes don't wear mittens!") and what kind of super powers he might possess - the scribble coming out of his head is not actually a scribble - he can shoot out fire! 

Because the design was bold, large and simple, it wasn't too time-consuming for my boy who can get bored and want to move onto the next project pretty quickly. 
He's very proud of the end result and told me that all his friends at nursery will say "Wow! I want that t-shirt!" 

The soft, soft cotton is very comfortable and we got the size 4-5 years to allow a bit of room (I prefer a baggier t-shirt to keep him cool now that the weather is getting warmer).
Nicole told me "I love seeing the photos come in of how different these t-shirts end up being, showing that kids all have their own personality and if you let them express it now, it will help them express themselves so much more in the future."

Colour In T-shirts here:

I would 100% recommend this fantastic little company to anyone who likes kids clothing with something a bit....extra. Extra arty. Extra experimental. Extra special.

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxx

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Oh Baby London

Unique quirky baby and kids clothes - because Mama aint raisin' no fool

I remember walking down Brick Lane with the husband, back in our child-free twenties and coming across a really cool little kids clothing shop. There were rompers with guitars on and tiny t-shirts emblazoned with 'I Rock'.
"When we have kids," I told the husband, "We're buying their clothes from this place!"
That shop was Oh Baby London.

Rock and Roll playsuit

I never forgot that quirky, cool little shop in Brick Lane and although the shop has now closed, when I had my son (and then my daughter) I went straight to their website and I did indeed buy their clothes from Oh Baby London. And lots of them.

Smocked leopard print playsuit - on sale now at £15!

Oh Baby London's creator started the brand when she was pregnant with her first child and found the baby clothes in the shops "dull" and "pastel." She wanted to create "A range of clothing full of life affirming anarchy."

Tartan leggings - soooo comfy for playing in!

Oh Baby London support Fashion Revolution's campaign Who Made My Clothes? and believe in sustainable, responsible fashion. "We support the campaign to make a change in fashion and agree with Lucy Siegle who says "Fast fashion isn't free, someone somewhere is paying for it."

The clothes last for AGES (Baby Number Two has had more wear out of the clothes than Baby Number One), they wash well and are hard-wearing, perfect for active toddlers who like to climb and get messy. And importantly they are made with soft cotton which makes them comfortable to wear and play in.

'I'm With Mummy' cotton playsuit

Although some of the older styles that I dressed my kids in are no longer available, there are some great alternatives, like this 'I Love You' Playsuit:
and this amazing 'Colic Youth' Babygrow:

Tartan Biker Jacket - we also have it in black (link below)
Biker Jacket in black:

Oh Baby London is one of my favourite brands for babies and children - go check them out!
(They have a wicked sale on at the moment too!)

Website -

Instagram -

Facebook -

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxx

Monday, 6 March 2017

Review - Cribstar: Skulls Harem Leggings

100% cotton leggings for (very cool) kids

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm trying to steer clear of the high street and buy clothes for myself and my kids from smaller independent businesses. 
I've always favoured unique clothing for my children, sourcing little rock t-shirts and fun and funky designs online. My three-year-old son has a wardrobe full of cool wee tops and t-shirts as there's such a huge variety. But I'd mainly stuck to teaming them with boring jeans - until now.

Like most toddlers, my little boy is very active - he's constantly climbing, jumping, running around... and watching him do these activities in his restrictive jeans made me think:  'Not. Very. Comfy.'  So I decided to find alternatives. 

Which led me to these:

Cribstar skulls harem leggings

They are 100% cotton harem leggings by London-based independent clothing and accessories brand Cribstar. 

Cribstar have been around since 2015, creating unique clothing and accessories for kids up to the age of six years old. 
They use bold, edgy, minimalistic designs - lots of wonderful monochrome pieces, perfect for mixing and matching. 

In their 'About Us' section, they state that their clothes are 'good quality and comfortable' so they ticked all the boxes for me and my boy and I ordered our first pair.

My little man is rocking his skull harem leggings! 

The dropped crotch and soft cotton makes them so comfortable. They have the perfect amount of stretch and are a great length on him (I contacted Cribstar via their Instagram, as my son is either an age 2-3 years or 3-4 years depending on the brand. Cribstar got back to me right away with measurements, great customer service).

He's already worn them numerous times - they are a favourite for nursery - they wash well and they don't need to be ironed! Yay!

I am so pleased that I found Cribstar and these leggings in particular and I will definitely be buying more. 

Check out their Easter range!!! Bunny leggings! I need them! I mean, my son needs them. Obviously...

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Review - Atomic Mollie Glitter Hoop Earrings

The most sparkly, spangly, glittery earrings I've found!

Dare I say it - I'm a bit bored of buying clothes! 

So I went on a little accessories splurge and found these absolute gems. 

As some of you know, I'm trying to 'shop small' and buy most of my clothes, accessories and my kid's clothes from small independent businesses. I love wearing unique handmade items, and hearing the stories of their designers and creators. And as I also run my own small business (it's called Dolly Cupcake Vintage Parties. Shameless Plug! Shameless Plug!) I want to support others in the same boat as me, being all creative and making things with care and love. 

I decided that I needed big, sparkly earrings to go with my more Rockabilly outfits (I do love a tea dress and pearls but I'm also a sucker for a wiggle skirt and a bit of bling). I'd bought a gorgeous pinup girl brooch from Atomic Mollie for my best friend's Christmas and I was really pleased with the quality and service, so I had a wee look. And found these bad boys.

Atomic Mollie started making beautiful hair flowers and jewellery in January last year.
The confidence that wearing clothes from the 50s gave her, she says "Was much more than any main high street store could give me." 
Struggling to find accessories to compliment her new vintage wardrobe, Mollie began making them herself, and with encouragement from her husband, she started selling her creations at vintage fairs and festivals - aloha Atomic Mollie!

I ordered the black pair first  (I had to pre-order them and they turned up really quickly, less than a fortnight) and then I went back a few days later and bought myself a red pair too.

They are absolutely gorgeous. The amount of glitter is perfect, they look amazing when they catch the light. 

They're so comfortable to wear too (I don't do danglies very often). They compliment so many outfits and really 'make' an outfit, they're a real statement piece. 

The service from Atomic Mollie was great too, I was kept up to date on my pre-order status and was sent a discount code for my next order. 

Mollie says "What I love most of all is seeing people wearing my products. To see an item that I've made and put a lot of thought into put a smile on someone's face makes all the late nights gluing bits together and finalising designs worth it!"

These earrings come in SEVEN different colours (and I won't stop until I have the lot!) 

They are truly beautiful.

Atomic Mollie's Instagram:

Laura Dolly Cupcake xxx